OrangeCD Suite

2-in-1 music player and cataloguer


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OrangeCD Suite is a package that includes OrangeCD Player and OrangeCD Catalog: a music CD player and a simple music cataloguer, respectively.

The main advantage in playing music with OrangeCD Player is that as soon as you play a song, the program links the album and songs to the OrangeCD Catalog database, saving you tons of time in the process.

OrangeCD Catalog, meanwhile, enables you to easily organize your entire music collection, which you can do manually CD by CD and folder by folder, or by searching for your CDs on Amazon's database, which makes the whole process much faster and more comfortable.

OrangeCD Suit is an intriguing software package for music lovers, although it's true that loading a CD into your computer every time you want to listen to a song is beginning to seem antiquated...

30-day trial.

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